Friday, September 10, 2010

Garden Party

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Fondant is a new medium for a lot of people. I get a lot of questions like,

What does it taste like?
What is it made of?
Are you supposed to eat it?
Is there frosting underneath it?
What colors can you do?

Well, crappy gum (worse than fruit stripes!), sugar and gumpaste (among other things), only if you want, yes, and any color you want.

Usually once these basic questions are answered, I take the order and we understand each other.

This was not the case here.

I must start by saying that I really like the lady who ordered this cake. She has become a good friend and I enjoy the projects she sends my way. In this case, she wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and then decorated with lots of flowers and butterflies. No problem. I asked what background color she wanted on the cake and she said "chocolate". I explained that the cake and frosting were both chocolate and that the fondant will cover all of that. She said, "Sooo, chocolate". Then I explained that the fondant doesn't have a flavor and can be made any color you want without affecting the flavor of the cake. She said, "I want it too be chocolate fondant." I paused and said, "So you want brown fondant!!!" Problem solved.

All the other colors were pastel so it was a bit of a question mark how it would look all together. Fortunately it all looked great and she LOVED it!!!

The butterflies are their own story. I found a method of making butterflies with chocolate using 2 colors and blending them together. I tried it out a couple of months ago and it sooooo did not turn out pretty like the picture in the book. They looked much more like some of my preschoolers art projects that she's brought home, no offense Natty. However, when she said she wanted butterflies, I could think of no other way to make them, so I gave it another go.

It's the orange and pink thing there amongst the flowers. They're not perfect, but they're better than my first attempt.

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