Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blue and Gold Banquet

My son is officially a cub scout now. He has his first Blue and Gold Banquet tonight.

We received a flier that invited each scout and their family to this function and asked that each boy decorate a cake for dessert.

I'm cheating.

I cannot bring an ordinary cake...anywhere...and Stevie won't have time to decorate when he gets home from school. So there. I'm making my own cake and what's done is done.

I hate how you can never see the gold dust I put on the cake. It makes it shimmer a little and is such a great effect. Anybody know what I need to do so that shows up on camera?

I had originally planned on putting the wolf image inside the diamond. That idea was scrapped 5 minutes into the project. Maybe I'll do that for a cake I'm getting paid to do.

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Circus Circus

Brody is Steve's second cousin. I think.

This is twice now that I have made a cake for this little guy. It is his second birthday today and there was an Over-the-Big-Top Circus theme going on here.

The photo here is only one corner of the scene. The entire house was decked out in circus garb...including the ceiling. I need to hire his mom (Jessie) to do my kids parties.

So the cake was obviously circus themed as well. I did circus tent stripes on bottom with pennants and stars on top. The topper here was supplied by Jessie. It's ADORABLE!
This cake was assembled on site, so instead of the usual empty backdrop, there is a lot going on in the pictures. Although darling, it makes it difficult to see the star "doingies" coming out on all sides. Can you spot them?

I did a star top just in case there was a topper problem, so it was cute on it's own as well.

The initals plate was fun to make. It was dried ahead of time to be free-standing and, you can't tell from the picture, but it is dusted with gold glitter.
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