Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blue and Gold Banquet

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My son is officially a cub scout now. He has his first Blue and Gold Banquet tonight.

We received a flier that invited each scout and their family to this function and asked that each boy decorate a cake for dessert.

I'm cheating.

I cannot bring an ordinary cake...anywhere...and Stevie won't have time to decorate when he gets home from school. So there. I'm making my own cake and what's done is done.

I hate how you can never see the gold dust I put on the cake. It makes it shimmer a little and is such a great effect. Anybody know what I need to do so that shows up on camera?

I had originally planned on putting the wolf image inside the diamond. That idea was scrapped 5 minutes into the project. Maybe I'll do that for a cake I'm getting paid to do.

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