Sunday, April 28, 2013

Transformers Optimus Prime Megatron Cake

This was a very fun cake to do.  It was a lot of freehand work and I got to break out my edible silver paint.  Yay!!!
My favorite part of the cake are the gears on the middle tier.  I just think they look cool.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Zombie Wedding Cake

So a few weeks ago I made some zombies that were to be put on a wedding cake.  I did a post about them then.
Well, the bride was very pleased with the result and sent me pictures of the final product.

The top of the cake was only 4" and there was a brain up there as well, so there wasn't much room to set the scene.

One of the zommbies was made to be dragging the bride away but it looks like there wasn't room and they put it on the bottom tier instead.  No matter, still looks great!

The bride liked them so much she has had them shelac'ed to preserve them.  Yay!!!

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fondant Flowers

Last week I went to Montana with Steve for a few LAX games he was reffing.  All of 18 hours before I left, I got a cake order that needed to be completed before I took off. 
Luckily, it was a baptism cake which usually means white, it was for a girl which means flowers are good, and I just happen to have created the cutest simple-yet-chic flower good for every occasion.

BAM!  Instant baptism cake.
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Now That I've Grown a Foot or Two

Oddly enough, this is my very first missionary themed cake.
This Sister Missionary happens to be going to Argentina.  According to google, a popular cake there is a white cake with caramel frosting.  So that is what it is on the inside.  (Note to self: The caramel frosting is DIVINE!!!)
The top layer represents Argentina's flag.

The tag is in Spanish and has the name she will go by for the next 18 months.

 I thought long and hard about what to put on the bottom tier that would somehow represent the life of a missionary.  I thought about doing a globe-like tier, an old-tymie map, or even scriptures. 
In the end, I decided on a suitcase.  I always wanted to try one and this seemed like a good time to go for it.

I am pleased with the end result. More importantly, the missionary like it!!!
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