Saturday, April 20, 2013

Now That I've Grown a Foot or Two

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Oddly enough, this is my very first missionary themed cake.
This Sister Missionary happens to be going to Argentina.  According to google, a popular cake there is a white cake with caramel frosting.  So that is what it is on the inside.  (Note to self: The caramel frosting is DIVINE!!!)
The top layer represents Argentina's flag.

The tag is in Spanish and has the name she will go by for the next 18 months.

 I thought long and hard about what to put on the bottom tier that would somehow represent the life of a missionary.  I thought about doing a globe-like tier, an old-tymie map, or even scriptures. 
In the end, I decided on a suitcase.  I always wanted to try one and this seemed like a good time to go for it.

I am pleased with the end result. More importantly, the missionary like it!!!

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