Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pink Roses

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I have been decorating cakes since my son's first birthday party. They started out very simple and got progressively more complicated over the years. Then last year I started using fondant and things really got fun.

However, those of you who have watched this progression know that my piping skills are still a bit shakey. Nothing demonstrates this better than my attempt at making icing roses about 6 months ago...I haven't attempted them since.

Wow. It was really THAT bad!

This week I was given a birthday card and asked to duplicate the cake on it.

I was a bit nervous at first about the roses. Although I knew it would be fondant and not icing, I still have never done fondant roses. I kinda made it up as I went.

But, the result seems to be pretty good so I'm proud of this cake. The larger roses are especially pretty.

Now I can put roses on my resume.


  1. DEVANY!! That is gorgeous. Absolutely a cake I would order for myself!! You are so very talented, it kind of makes me uber jealous...



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