Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lego Ninjago Birthday Cake

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Funny Story
I FINALLY got a request for a Lego Ninjago Cake.  It's about d*#@* time.  I had the cake finished and ready to go the night before. I was set to go.  
However, a mere 2 hours before delivery I decide it's time to take I always do.  After the pictures, as I am putting the cake back, I TOTALLY DROPPED IT!!!!!!
I was stunned.  I have never, EVER come close to dropping a cake before and there it was, completely on it's top with a customer coming for pick up in 2 hours!  I panicked and made a few choice remarks....over, and over, and over again....then picked it up and put it back on the stand.  To my absolute astonishment, it was a little rumpled, but still in tact.  However I CANNOT sell a cake that has touched the floor.  So I immediately went to work...hands shaking the whole time.  I peeled off the top layer of fondant (the green turban) and went to work re-frosting, and re-covering the cake.  Thankfully, what had taken an hour the day before to half that today.  Whew!  Practice makes perfect I guess!  :)
So no harm, no foul, right?  The first picture is the cake as originally finished.  The second in the cake once redone.  Now keep in mind the second photo is taken on the countertop in crappy lighting.  NO WAY WAS I MOVING IT AGAIN!!!! 

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