Monday, January 21, 2013

Small, Simple, Wedding Cake

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From the outside this appears to be a small, simple, and sweet little wedding cake.
What you do not see is what is on the inside.
That's right, waffles.
The person getting married here owns a popular waffle truck called Saturday's Waffles that parks in a nearby parking lot every Saturday and sells gourmet waffles.
So when I heard that they were doing a wedding on the cheap and wanted a smallish waffle wedding cake....I accepted the challenge!
Turns out the groom is also a bus driver.  So when I found out, I threw in a bus topper as well.
I'm not great with flowers and they gave me a truckload of silk flowers to use as needed.  So I made the best bouquet I could and made it movable so they could place as they saw fit. 
Not bad for my first flowers on a cake!

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